Lights, camera, Hot Dog! Whether it be stopping by a store or having us cater a private event at their home, celebrities are huge fans of Hot Dog on a Stick. Our famous stripes are also frequently featured in movies, TV, premieres and red carpet events. You just never know who you will spot enjoying Hot Dog on a Stick.

Mario Lopez

Kris Kardashian

Katy Perry

Angry Birds Premiere

Leonardo DiCaprio


Ben Affleck

Drew Barrymore

Eva Mendes: Once a Hotdogger, always a Hotdogger!

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Rob Reiner

Charlie’s Angels

Lucy Liu


Nick Carter

Neil Patrick Harris

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jennifer Hudson

Mario Lopez

Pauly Shore

Geraldo Rivera

John Stamos

Quentin Tarintino

John Travolta